My Work

Thanks for taking you time to look at my work!

If you’re wondering what ‘Audio Porn’ is, it is when I mix the audio of the Tv show, Sherlock to make it sound like the characters are doing… naughty things ;)

Audio Porn
- Sherlock & Jawn Get It On!

- Benedict Loves Johnlock
- Sherlock Has a Dildo
- Benedict Jerks Off to Johnlock Porn
- Run!

Fan Videos [YouTube]
- Sherlock Nation Army (Seven Nation Army - The Glitch Mob Remix)
- The Extreme (Android Porn - Kraddy)
- Moriarty’s Fortune Days (Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob)
- John Is Hurt (Hurt - Christina Aguilera)
- Holmes Hurt Himself (Hurt - Johnny Cash)